Imagine - Fighting Child Poverty in Plymouth

Plymouth Drake Foundation was established to help the City's young people reach their potential. As a community charity we believe that the future prosperity of our City is linked to realising the aspirations of our young people. 

Over the course of the next 12 months our aim is to lay the ground work by helping 4,000 young people realise their potential. 

This year we will be working hard creating and supporting projects that challenge young people to realise their capability and their dreams for the future 

Over many years Plymouth Drake Foundation has seen the impact that an aspiration deficit can have; it can lead to substance misuse and young people falling into crime 

Aspiration cannot be learned, it has to be discovered. A young person with hope and aspiration can meet new challenges and push themselves to build a better life.

We have heard many stories about how poverty can crush aspiration. Our society is structured in a way that can make it difficult for people to escape the poverty trap.

Mike is a young person who became homeless. He desperately wanted to sort his life out but needed help. He fell into a trap where he was stuck on the streets because he didn't have the right paperwork to get help. For as little as £25 he was able to get that paperwork, use it to help him get off the streets and build a new life for himself.

£25 spent well can change a life forever

Imagine is an initiative to fund projects across the City which will transform the future for our young people. With your support, we will help 4,000 young people see a different future for themselves

Our young people's aspirations will determine the future of our City

Please help support a young person today

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